Can it be??!

The Story of Elvis

Nobody knows why the little girl with the big bag marches through the park and shouts at complete strangers – until finally someone dares to ask. Then it turns out that she is sad and angry because Elvis is dead. Not the Elvis but her canary who had the same name.

That´s sad. But now Elvis gets a real funeral, with candles, a wreath with a sash, and afterwards there are biscuits and cocoa. And because that helps, the little girl can talk about Elvis again: what he was like and how beautifully he could sing. And who knows, maybe the two Elvises will meet in heaven ...

Adapted from the book „Gehört das so?!?“ by Günther Schössow.

Informationen zur Inszenierung

  • Zielgruppe
    English learners: 3th + 4th class level - Für Grundschulkinder, die Englisch lernen
  • Autor
    Peter Schössow
  • Regie
    Paul Schmidt

  • Spieler
    Wally Schmidt, Paul Schmidt
, Suzanna Abel (with hand sign), Elizaveta Milyukova (Piano/Vocals), Yevgeniy Davydov (Guitar)
  • Bühnenbild
    Tine Ambrosch, Paul Schmidt
  • Figuren
    Peter Lutz, Uschi Faltenbacher, Tine Ambrosch, Paul Schmidt
  • Technik
    Nodari Tschabaschwili

  • Kostüme
    Heike Endres
  • Musik
    Alex Bayer

Worksheet available

Technische Angaben

  • Spieldauer
    40 Min.
  • Sonstiges
    Nähere Infos beim Theater erfragen

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